Monday, November 19, 2012

November Books


These are some of my favorite Thanksgiving books!  Can you believe that I have JUST pulled them out?  LOL!  That tells you just how crazy things have been!  I still had pumpkin books out on the shelves!

Product Details

Product Details

I have brought back a couple favorite crafts for the season.  We are going to make dried bean candle holders.  They always look so beautiful!

This image and craft is from:

Family Spice

Click on the images to check out the directions.  I change it up a bit and use tea lights.  I have the kids mix the white glue and beans in a Dixie cup, then press a tea light into the mixture to leave a dent.  After it dries, we tie raffia around the beans and put the tea light back into the holder.  They look great for Thanksgiving!  Plus, it’s a perfect project for a 2 day week!

We also make a table top turkey that is from a really old copy of CopyCat – remember that teacher magazine?!?  I don’t have a picture because we plan to make them tomorrow, but here is a link to a blog with the directions and the recipe that goes along with it:


Well, November is flying by! Our first report cards went out and we had parent-teacher conferences (I actually have my last after school today).  I have to say, teaching a new grade, while exciting and energizing, can along make you feel stressed out and like you don’t always know what you’re doing.  Fortunately, my parent conferences gave me a great boost and I feel like my students are growing and they are enjoying school.  You can’t ask for more, right?

If I don’t pop in any time soon, have a wonderful Thanksgiving!