Friday, August 24, 2012

Freebies Galore!

I felt bad that I didn’t have any new freebies for followers.  The whole moving classrooms and grade levels has taken a lot out of me.  It’s like moving and redecorating a whole house.  I still wanted to participate in the Freebie Friday and I know that I have a few new followers, so I thought I would link up all my past freebies for folks to snag.

Writing Workshop Status of the Class Clip Chart:image

Daily 5 Classroom Constitution:image

Voice Level Clip Chart:


Beginning of the Year Class Puzzle:


Beginning of the Year Writing Activity:


Creative Writing Activity:


Grammar Roll, Say Keep:


Journal Bookmarks:


Planning Sheets: (Click on any picture to get the set.)

Supplies for Next Year/Student Supply Lists

Monthly Planning

Weekly Planning

Weekly Ideas/Centers
Volunteers Jobs



Problem and Solution Puzzle:


Sign for Retelling Popsicle Sticks:


Beginning, Middle, End Flap Book:image

I hope you find some useful things!  Enjoy!