Friday, May 31, 2013

Summer Book Study!

Well folks, I’m taking the plunge and planning a book study!  I have been wanting to read this book for ages and I have seen blogger rave about it,so I thought it would be fun to put it together through the blog. So far, I have seen a few math book studies and general reading, but nothing specific to guided reading.  I am hoping some folks will be interested in collaborating!  If you are interested in hosting a chapter on your blog, please email me or comment below and we can set it up!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Facebook Page!

I finally started a Facebook page to accompany my blog! I couldn’t decide if it was something I really needed to do, but I figure why not?  I just need to remember to link my posts.  Keeping checking back to see photos and links to posts and products!



Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Next Year Linky!

One of the awful/great things about teaching is that you get to start over every September! I say it’s awful because you send your class off in June and you spent an entire year building momentum and helping them grow.  It’s great because you get to start fresh with a new slate in September.  You get another try!  Yet this is also sad in a way because you always reflect on all the things you want to fix or do better the next year.  I don’t know about you, but that makes me feel like I didn’t do my best when June rolls around and I am thinking about the next year. But course, I am also the person who wants to make everything perfect the next year! I think most teachers are cut from this mold!

Saying this, I am linking with Kim at Joy in 6th grade who is hosting a fun linky perfect for reflecting.

Here are my “I am DEFINITELY going to dos" for next year:


I know I say this every year, but with moving to yet another grade and a new room yet again, I have another chance to purge and reorganize myself.  Hopefully I will not have that opportunity for a few years! The paper trap really got to me this year.  It wasn’t as bad as the past few years, but still need to have better systems for dealing with it.


I have to admit – I am not much of a planner.  I love how a beautiful plan book can look, but I tend to store a lot of my planning in my head.  It works well for me – except when the next year rolls around.  I find that when I spend a lot of time writing my plans down, I never follow them anyway! I’m so much better in the moment!


Ah, my nemesis this year!  I really dislike grading – especially math where there are written explanations.  Plus, it just wasn’t something we did a lot of in first grade – most of our work was verbal or inquiry based. I  tried to use class time, snack time, recess to grade, but the reality is that even a teacher’s brain needs a break.  I felt exhausted by the end of the day because I was micromanaging every single minute.  I would love to have the kids grade more of their own math work, but with state testing, that is a lot of time out of a 55 minute math time when I have students from four classes.  Any how, I would really like to work on this next year.


The fun was just sucked out of this year.  Testing – yuck! Fun things always got pushed out of the way because there was so much more to do or things to deal with.  It seems like I would just get to the point where we could do something fun and it was time to move on to the next thing!


I am embarrassed to say that I am planning my first project in June!  We are doing a European Tour where students are going to complete research and then we will learn from the posters we make and get passports stamped.  I haven’t sent a single project home all year – so sad!


I would also like to not be such a perfectionist!  I have made great strides this year.  I refuse to check school email on the weekends and try to limit my time at school.  I don’t think I have hung more that 5 displays in the hall this year and my lessons have not been stellar creative.  Sometimes, that’s just how it goes and I am becoming more okay with knowing that the best I can do at that moment is the best I can do. 

Well, I  guess my list isn’t too big is it?!?  Who am I kidding? This list is crazy!  But, I guess they are goals and things to work on.  I have enjoyed seeing what others are adding to their lists and can’t wait to read more!  Go link up!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day Sale!

I am putting everything in my store on sale today!  Everything is 20% off until tomorrow morning.  Have a wonderful Memorial Da!

Here are the linked images to my items:
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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Goodies

Oh my! I completely forgot to share what I picked up during the recent sales!  I saw someone posted a linky to Blog Hoppin’, so I thought I would share my goodies.  Warning: there are a lot!  I have been saving so many items on my wish list!

First I picked up some great items t make products and items for my classroom.  I love the huge set of background and frames. I also love anything by Graphics From the Pond!

Frames, Frames, and More Frames!  250 Text Frames home-466896-1 Polka Dot Scalloped Borders Set

I absolutely LOVE these great writing packets for centers.  I stocked up on all the months!

January Writing Activities Aligned to Common Core Standards August Writing Activities Aligned to Common Core Standards home-501605-1
May Writing Activities Aligned to Common Core Standards home-311846-1 November Writing Activities Aligned to Common Core Standards
  October Writing Activities Aligned to Common Core Standards  

I also picked up a few items to get me through the next few weeks!

Back to School & End of the Year Summer Snapshot Craftivity Culminating Activities for the Third Grade Common Core Standards Summer Themed Reading and Writing Review

Finally, I started thinking about next year.  I looked up a few of the units I will be teaching and realized I needed to find some materials.  I also wanted some great new stuff for centers!

Reading Response Menus Across the Year Common Core Reading: Comprehension Strategy Sheets for K-2 Weather Is Wild Unit {Weather Unit For The Common Core Classroom}
image Beginning of the Year Teacher Bundle Bonanza A Focus on Non-Fiction: Non-Fiction Text Structures {Bundle}

I love seeing what everyone bought!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Weekend Projects

Well, attempted projects! I found this amazing frame that I wanted to make this weekend.


Here is my attempt…I’m not lovin’ it.  I thought the frame was going to be big enough if I tilted the letters, but the “S” is so much bigger than the “L” that it throws the whole thing off.  Maybe I’ll try turning it so that I can put the letters on straight.  Then I thought that I should make the paint match my classroom theme, but I rather like the gold and silver.  Somehow, I accumulate spray paint and those were the colors I had that were not too girly!  My attempt will have to wait for another day because I am a little frustrated with hot glue and spray paint – they don’t play nice together.


While I was at Michael’s (BTW did you know they give teachers a 15% discount if you show your badge or a pay stub?) I was in the wood section to get the letters and found these cute little packages of wooden things.  I saw on someone’s blog that she bought a bunch of these and used them as inspiration for writing centers.  I thought I would give it a go and they are pretty cute. 


I could write about a zebra that follows footprints to a treasure, a dog who sails on a pirate ship to an island, or a cow who rides a bus to school.  I’ll put them out for my third graders and see what they think next week.


Well, I  have reached my crafting frustration point today, so I think I will watch a movie while I do laundry and worry over my missing thumb drive.  I hope, hope, hope I left it at school because I can’t find it here at home.  The worst things are that 1. I remember putting it down and thinking to myself that I had better pick it up before I forget I put it in such a strange spot, then I walked away, and 2. I went to school this morning and did a quick check only to convince myself it was at home.  It’s not.  Alas, no TPT work for me today because EVERYTHING is on that disk – silly, I know :)