Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Summer Days!!!

Holy moly, folks!!! I can't believe that I can finally say that it is summer aaaannnnddd I'm finally back to blogging.  I have rarely been here this year, so thank you for those who still have me in their subscriptions - whatever service you use (does anyone use the Google friends thing? I removed it from my blog because it didn't see to be helpful...).

Any woo, I am linking up with Farley for her July Currently Linky!


Listening…Now I know why I work – there’s NOTHING on TV during the day.  Zip! I do love the History Channel and the Travel Channel, but after a while it all just seems the same.  I used to be a soap opera girl and lived to get home and watch The Guiding Light, but now it’s gone and I can’t bear to see all the actors on different shows. Plus, they are just soooo corny!

Loving…Yep!  Summer!  My summer began yesterday. See, I had this crazy idea of taking a class in May and June so that I didn’t need to take one in July and August. Well, that was…crazy!  I did it and I am glad I will have the summer off, but I have never been so close to losing my mind.  I turned in my last little paper yesterday and am now officially off for the summer. I can’t wait for simple summer days and no work stress!

Thinking…My poor, poor neglected house.  I have barely been existing in my home.  It has been a place to grab a bite to eat and dump my stuff.  It looks it!  For some reason, I scheduled a jewelry party at the end of the month. That means I need to get cleaning! Truth be told, I actually scheduled the party because it helps motivate me to clean and organize.  But today…today…I went shopping!!!!

Wanting…Ugh!  The humidity! It is like 90 degrees and 80% humidity here in NY.  The older I get, the less I can tolerate it.  I hate the idea of air conditioning, but I would like to breath and not have a headache and actually be able to do what I wrote just above! Somehow, it is easier to sit on the couch watching YouTube than cleaning in this ughness!  I can always use some chocolate!

Needing…What a year!  It was a crazy one!  And I, of course, needed to compound it by changing grades (again), packing my room, and taking a course.  My grandfather and a teaching friend passed away in June, I hosted a graduation party, and have been putting together items for a possible change in my life (???).  I need to get away from school and deal with the crazy amount of boxes I have in my basement, because of course I had to bring all of my teaching stuff home…long story!

Plans…I have none!  I love saying that!  The 4th has never been a big thing in my family. We think it is important and respect the day, it’s just not a party day for us.  Most likely because, in a farming family, it is high season for haying. I guess you could say that we celebrate by baling hay for hours on end!  Great weather for it!

Wow!  It feels really good to be blogging again and having a place for my sarcastic humor to live!  Check out Farley’s linky and I hope to be back ASAP!


  1. I feel you with the humidity! CT is pretty humid now too!
    Enjoy your summer!! :o)
    Munchkins Inc.

  2. I can't believe your summer just started. When do you go back? We are in Georgia and the temp today was 97- way to hot to do anything! Happy 4th!

  3. I hope your class was worthwhile. I don't mind the time commitment so much if I feel like I got something useful out of it.
    In Iowa here and usually I am complaining of humidity this time of year, but it was breezy and 65 here today. Kind of a a weird day!

  4. I agree with needing to relax and de-stress! I was hoping you might hop over to my blog and enter my giveaway! Thanks!!
    Teacher’s Lounge