Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Show Us What You Bought Linky!

I'm linking up at Blog Hoppin' for the Show Us What You Bought Linky! Of course, I broke the bank, but it is all good stuff! Can I tell you I made THREE separate purchases?!? See, if you work out the math, you can stack the sale with credits. I made a purchase and then used the credits to get a discount on my next purchase. That way I don't have credits lingering and I make use of them right away! Finally, I can use coupon tactics with teaching! Stack those deals!!!

I LOVE everything that One Extra Degree puts out. The quality is amazing and I love how she thinks about reading. She is brilliant and I so want to be her when I grow up (even though she is younger than me ;). I am so excited to include these activities into my reading workshop and reading groups!

I have been obsessed with making more of my buddy reading time. I just never seemed to find the time to wrap my brain around the routines I wanted to set. I picked up this goody from Clutter Free Classroom and can't wait to incorporate it into my classroom!

I'm always looking for a bunch of BTS activities.  Every year I find that classes react differently to the activities I have planned and, based on the chemistry of the class, I like to have a bunch of things to pull from. Can't wait to give these a go! It was a total impulse buy because it popped up on the front page of TPT and I added it to my cart right away!


I LOVE to teach social studies and it is one of the thing is LOVE about our 3rd grade curriculum.  (Is that enough love for ya?) We teach cultures of the world and I love to incorporate content into my reading block. I am so glad many of these items were still on my wish list from last year when I taught 3rd. Now that I am returning to 3rd, I am so excited to add them to my curriculum!

Finally, the items that broke the bank! We are beginning Lucy Clakins' Units of Study this year...seriously, where have we been? Next we will be rediscovering Fountas and Pinnell! So sad when amazing practices fall through the cracks because the crazy testing culture!  I picked up these two amazing packs to help me through all the change this year!  I think indeed to go to school today to print and start planning!  Can't wait to play! 

Now I am back to trying NOT to think about school ;) Soaking up those last few days of summer! What did you buy during the BIG sale?

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  1. I bought the Jen's launching readers and writers workshop packet. My school has been doing balanced literacy but this year we're using some of engageny for language arts and math so I wasn't sure if I should buy the bundle. We have a PD next week so I'll know more about the direction the district's moving, but I really like the balanced literacy approach and want to use it this year. I'd love to hear how the units of study work out for you!

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