Wednesday, November 19, 2014

On Being Organized…and New Things!

I’m not going to deny it…this year has been rough for me so far.  For a variety of reasons.  I have written a bunch of posts about it that I have never published, not sure of how much to vent or whine Smile!  At any rate, I have been trying very hard to look on the bright side as I try to acclimate to a bazillion (my students’ favorite word this year) changes, attending college, looking at some new opportunities, and trying to have some semblance of a personal life!

This year I have been struggling with trying to do so many things and feeling barely competent at any of them.  It is easy to become mired in the the stress and exhaustion.  My self-confidence has been pretty rough, especially as I work with many new teammates.  I always wonder what others think of my teaching and how I do things. I frequently remind myself that I need to be a grown up and do my job without worrying what others think.  But the reality is, I do.

Today one of the people I worked with said that I was so organized that it was nice to be in my classroom.  I thought “Me…organized???” as I looked around the cluttery areas of my room.  I even mentioned it to another teacher I worked with and she said that I am organized.  Really??? I surely don’t feel like it.  I rarely show pictures of my room on my blog because I never feel like it looks like the showplace that I want it to.  Compared to some of the amazing rooms I see out there, I feel like I can’t keep up.  Isn’t that the mixed blessing of a world full of blogs and Pinterest? I mean, really, how many of us have Pinterest board with room décor? So, I guess I learned a lesson that what I am self-conscious about, sometimes others do not see the same way.  It really put some pep in my step as I thought about this little compliment the rest of the day.  Such a small comment made my day!

I reflected on the change I was feeling as I drove home and thought that others must be feeling the same way.  A nice word goes a long way and I have resolved to say more sincerely nice things to the people I work with.  We are all working our hearts out and everyone needs to hear it!

We are well into the school year, but I thought this quote reflected my thinking…or overthinking!

The myth of the super teacher | The Cornerstone

Found on

In my spare time (cough, cough) I put together a couple new things for my store!  I have loved Kate Waters’ books for years!  I actually started a Samuel and Sarah Unit a while ago and it just needed a little more work.  The Mayflower and Tapenum Packets were inspired by the popularity of my first product.  They are perfect for this time of year or any unit on the colonial era. Click on the images to check out the full descriptions!




You can also get all 3 packets in a compressed zip file at a discounted price! Check it out here on TPT!

Colonial Life Research and Writing Mini-Units

A great big thank you goes out to everyone who has visited my store on TPT!  I am so thankful that so many can use the things I make for my own use.  The support is also wonderful for someone who is endlessly attending college!

Have a great remainder of the week!

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