Sunday, January 18, 2015

LIT Product Catalog

Hello everyone!  Welcome to my once-a-month post!  Yikes!  Where is the time going?  I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday season.  I greatly enjoyed every minute of my two week vacation!  We are now back at the grindstone...and college has started again for me. This semester's class is going to be a tough one, but I am determined to get through it!

I have spent the last few weeks working on some big life changes.  At this point, I am keeping them mostly to myself.  If they come to fruition, I will be singing them from the rooftop!  Let's just say, I have been pondering some career changes in light of the degree I am working on and I may be headed in a slightly different direction - yay!

On another note, I have added a few items to my store in the past few months, but have not been really working at it.  Just too much to do and not enough time to do everything.  I did, however, create a product catalog.  It was nice to see all of my products in one place and remind myself of what I have worked on.  I can also see the items I would like to update if I ever have a moment when I am not so tired that I turn into a zombie on the couch!  I think I figured out a way to fix the logos on my old products despite the jump drive disaster of 2013!  Anyhow - here it is (click on any of the images to head to the catalog!):
Leaping into Teaching Product Catalog

See all of the Leaping into Teaching Store products at once! This catalog will be updated each time a new item is added. Click on any image to access the product on Teachers Pay Teachers!            


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  1. I really like your idea to make a catalog. Such a great way for buyers to see what's in your store!

    Swinging for Success