Monday, April 6, 2015

Money Saving Monday–Saving Cardboard Items

Sorry for no post last week – it was SPRINGBREAK!  Well, at least that was what the calendar said.  Here in NY, that meant snow and ice with a short bit of nice, sunny weather in the middle.

This week, I was thinking about the décor I would like to have next year.  I have been using the Dots on Black Pattern this year and I have been liking it, but might change it up for something lighter next year. For the previous two years, I used Dots on Turquoise and loved that even more!  At any rate, as my décor changes I find that some of my classroom items no longer match and I just don’t want to spend my budget or my own money on replacing perfectly good things that just don’t match my momentary décor choices. 

Spray paint is the answer!  I am astounded at how many colors Lowes, Walmart, and Home Depot carry!  I spray paint my cardboard organizers almost every year to match my décor.  The other important thing is that the spray paint can totally transform cardboard quickly!

A great example is my cardboard mailbox unit that I bought (myself) for my classroom 13 years ago!!!  Yes, 13 years ago.  It started out blue and faded in spots after a year of use.  Since then it has been painted black, red, sky blue, and now teal.  Not only does it look brand new, but the coats of paint have protected the cardboard that can easily become shabby after a year in an elementary classroom.  One of my good friends replaces her mailboxes every year – a significant use of our small budgets.  I snag her cast offs and paint them to match, creating all sorts of organized goodness!

Next time you think of throwing something away – especially cardboard organizers – try applying some spray paint and see how beautiful it looks!

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