Saturday, February 19, 2011


So I am in the midst of a classroom makeover. It is officially winter break for me, but I am excited to have an entire day sometime next week to work on decorating and organizing my classroom. I have to be honest that I have never been the most organized teacher. I appear very left-brained, but have become very right-brained over the years. My mind goes in a million creative directions at once and that lack of focus leads to stacks of papers and lots of piles.

To add to my general lack of organization, I moved classrooms this year. I cried over it. I have moved 6 times in 10 years and this last move nearly pushed me over the edge. I had actually been in my last room for 3 years and had finally figured out where to put things. I think people seriously underestimate the magnitude of moving a classroom.

My new room is 2/3 the size of my old one with less storage and limited space for student coats and backpacks. It also sports/sported yellow tiles and a mustard yellow counter top ala 1970 and is directly across from our cafeteria rather than my previous nice and quiet hallway. However, where my old room had whitish tiled floors and white cinder block walls (very hospital like), my new room has carpet and beautiful woodwork. Plus IT IS WARM! I always froze in my old room.

I guess overall, I like my new room. It is homier and I can actually get dressed in the morning without wearing leggings under my clothes. In general, it does need a lot of work though. When I moved, I shoved almost everything into the cupboards with no rhyme or reason. I am looking forward to having the chance to sift through it all. And the built-ins were pretty beat up.

So far, I have covered the counters with contact paper. I know that it sounds like a nightmare - I hate contact paper. But, it actually looks like I have granite counters installed! People ooh and ahh over it! I like to joke that I got granite counters out of the bargain when I moved. It looks like a whole new room - a bit more modern and the counters are not glaringly obvious when you walk in! New counter color!!!

My To Do List:
1. Move bank of computers to be flat against the wall - for more space and a homier look.

***Done :)

2. Put fabric skirts on computer stands to cover storage.
I have sewed these and they are ready to be attached with velcro. I saved a bundle by using fabric I had on my bulletin boards when my color sheme was more pastelly. I bought RIT dye for 2.69 and dyed the fabric before sewing it into panels. I saved about 10 bucks using the dye!

3. Build/Find/Add to coat cubby storage area.

4. Find/build shelving for under the Promethean Board.
I'm thinking about adding plastic rain gutters for books.

5. Install shelves in the bathroom to store tissues, soap, and hand sanitizer.
Have the brackets from a miscalculation when we build our pantry. Now I just need to get the wall mounts and shelving. And then to install it, of course.

6. Paint metal shelves and venting unit.
What color? They are kind of a coffee color now. Maybe gray?

7. Find new, more narrow book boxes.
I bought mine from the Dollar General this summer. Love them and they work great for the kids, but they are just to wide to fit the shelving units. Right now they are all stashed on those plastic shelving units for garages. Not horrible, it just takes up floor space. Plus they are bold turquoise, lime green, and fuchsia - way too much color!

I LOVE the ones from Really Good Stuff and Oriental Trading, but they are SO expensive!

8. Clean out cupboards.
Easier said than done!

9. Finish installing shelves above the coat cubbies.
One is done. I need to cut a foot off the other board that I bought.

10. Reorganize classroom library.

Hmm! Not too big of a task?!?

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