Thursday, April 4, 2013

New TPT Item

In my quest to avoid work for my college course, I finally finished a fun product I have had in the works for a while!  My students LOVE using story dice and I wanted to create some that provide students of all levels with the vocabulary and motivation to write creative stories. So, I used just about all of my clipart sets to create dice that feature 4 dice for characters, 4 dice for settings, and 4 dice for situations for some silly story combinations!  They are colorful dice with pictures and labels to provide vocabulary support for younger learners.  Just choose which dice you would like to include in a writing center, add some paper, and watch your kiddos create fun stories!  The dice are easy to assembly and durable when reinforced with packing tape or contact paper. Four different styles of writing paper are included.  Click on the image to check them out at the special introductory sale price!



Even tough I have been the queen of avoidance the past few days, my work for college tonight is complete (I think) and, after my class this evening, I am truly ready to be on vacation!  I will not let the coating of snow on the ground deter my spring break!!!  Have a great one!


  1. These look so fun! A perfect way to spice things up toward the end of the year!

    Primary Inspired

  2. Thanks! I'm hoping the help with standardized testing blues! We end in late June, so there really isn't a view of the end...yet :)