Monday, March 23, 2015

Money Saving Monday–Professional Development

If you are like me, you are a professional development addict!  I love to learn new things – especially when they are taught by other professionals practicing in the field.  Plus, at least where I am, professional development counts in your professional review.  Unfortunately, if your district does not offer staff development opportunities or you are looking for something beyond what your school does, you are going to pay big bucks for it. 

I have found 2 really good sources for free professional development resources.  The first is for professional reading. Stenhouse Publishers offers free previews of new texts that are being published.  This is a fantastic way to preview a professional resources, get some great ideas, and decide if you would like to own it – goodness knows I usually end up buying the book because I enjoy a good-old paper version that I can sticky note and highlight to my heart's content.  You just need to join the site to access the previews of the books.  Click on any book available and you will at least see a chapter, but many have the full text.

The second is  This site offers free webinars to educators. Once you are signed up, you can register to “attend” a webinar that is scheduled or you can review webinars that have already been presented.  After a short quiz, you can print out a certificate that indicates you have attended a 1 hour session.  Love putting these in my PD binder and learning some new things!  Check out the calendar on the website to see the upcoming webinars!



Check out these great resources for some professional resources and development!

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