Thursday, March 15, 2012

Leprechaun Day!

I can’t do too much with Saint Pat’s Day this year, but I thought I would share a few things. 

I had this cute craft from a few years  ago and I finally made a pattern for it.  I hope the pieces come out the right size after being scanned.  I would make an example but I am too dog-gone tired tonight! This little leprechaun can be made out of construction paper or foam.  You could either make patterns or just copy onto plain paper and have the kids color the pieces.  First, the beard goes on the face.  Then at the top of the hat attaches to the top of the head.  Add the black band and then the green brim.  The kids can design the face.  The order is important because the pieces layer. Click on the picture to grab your copy.


My kids love journal sticks.  I have given up on making things pretty this year and am just going for functional!  I have a huge box of these sticks and write several prompts for the month on them.  I added little green smiles to these.  The kids choose them during journal time to give them a jump start.  I store all of my journal stuff manila envelopes and keep them, along with all my other journal writing prompts in a tote box.  I just pull out what I need.


I couldn’t resist sharing a picture of my class Trufuala Trees.  Each classroom created one for Read Across America Week.  (Yes, we have pink tile walls!)


I couldn’t resist throwing in a few Baby Shower pictures!  I threw a shower for my SIL two weekends ago and had to show off my decorations!  The green room is actually the man cave, minus all the deer heads and other critters.  (I forgot I left the table cloth on the back of the man chair!)  They were back up the next day and they seem to have multiplied!  The bottom photo are the favors.  The pots have candles in them.




Hope everyone is having a good week!  Tomorrow’s Friday!!!


  1. The journal sticks are a great idea. I like how it's so easy to put together. Do they all pick one? Or just the kids who can't think of anything to write?
    Take care.
    Grade ONEderful

  2. Hi, Barbara! I leave it as a choice for the kids.

  3. Okay, that makes sense. Just wondering :) I like to give them lots of choice, too.
    Hey! Thanks for the compliment on my blog.

    Grade ONEderful

  4. Thank you for the freebie. I love the journal stick idea! I'm new to your blog.

  5. Your blog is filled with fabulous resources and that is why I am nominating you for the "Beautiful Blog" Award!!! Visit my blog to learn more about this award.

    Deb at Fabulously First