Sunday, March 11, 2012

Reading Unit: Questioning

Looks like the linky party was a bust!  I think I came up with a few more ideas to add communication for the rest of the year – hopefully.  It is wonderful to have an extra set of hands in the classroom. However,  as we all know, sometimes the more adults you have in the room, the more challenging interpersonal pieces can be.  This year has been a challenge for me in that regard. I guess I’ll leave it at that and let everyone take from it what you will.

March is the month that we have the comprehension strategy of questioning on our curriculum maps.  We focus on this using both fiction and non-fiction books.  What a tough concept to find resources for!  I’m sure I will stumble upon/create more as time goes on.


These are some great charts on Pinterest!  If there was a link back to the original post, I linked the picture.

Questioning   Questioning  Questioning

Questioning chart  Questioning chart  Questioning- anchor chart

Here are a few of the books I plan to use:


I used The Little White Owl purely by chance the other day.  I really needed Dr. DeSoto, but could not find my copy and did not have time to go down to the library.  The book actually worked really well!  The kids generated a ton of questions based on the cover of the books.  As we read the book, we stopped when we could answer on of the questions. I will review using Doctor De Soto tomorrow.  Galimoto and The Day of Ahmed’s Secret will be great to focus on """”During Reading” questions.

I also plan to review question words.  We are working on a lot of language pieces in my classroom this year and asking questions is challenging.  I plan to use an activity from:

Awesome resource!  There is a great chapter on Questioning and using a favorite object for students to use to generate their questions.

I am welcoming a student teacher this week!  It is exciting!  I love having student teachers.  They help to energize me and it will be especially helpful to divide up some of the teaching.  Maybe I can feel better about teaching 6 guided reading groups this year!

I will work on posting some more items as the week goes on!  Have a great Sunday!

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