Sunday, February 3, 2013

TPT Sale Goodies!

Have you been putting a bunch of TPT products on your wishlist and waiting for the next sale?  I know I have!  I have been trying so hard to not spend, spend, spend this year – especially on school things.  However, I just can’t pass up a sale!

Here’s what I settled on:

Strategy Songs: Metacognition Through Music! Blog & Store Organizer / Planner for Teachers COLORFUL VERSION Story Elements Question Fans
How To Make a Snowflake: Functional Writing & Transition/L The Ultimate Writing Resource Pack- (Narrative, Informatio Evidence Based Text Posters
Literacy-Activities-Graphic-Organizers-Fables-Folktales-and-Fairy-Tales Comprehension Question Fans Character Counts / Character Centered Classroom Activity Bundle
My Common Core Third Grade Standards-Based Notebook Cultivating Strategic Readers Wax Museum Biographies:  Bringing History to Life!

Some great stuff!  I can’t wait to open it all and check out exactly what is inside each unit or item!So, what did you score?

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