Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Birthday Pack and Summer Reading

Woo hoo!  New product!  I wanted to update my birthday items for next year and created a fun little pack with everything you need to make birthdays in your classroom special! Click on the image to check it out!


Here are some birthday prep tips:

  1. I make all of my copies before school starts.
  2. Use parent volunteers to cuts, label, and organize everything.
  3. Sort all of your items by month so they can be pulled out at the beginning of the month and you are prepared.
  4. I keep all of my birthday celebration items in a Steralite tub to keep is quickly accessible.
  5. I celebrate half birthdays so that I don’t have to deal with a gigantic birthday celebration the last week when there is a complete lack of routine anyway!

I have been trying to find some time to enjoy a few books this summer and there are 2 linky parties to share what we are working on!

Peacocks and Penguins in the Classroom

Tales of a Teacherista

I have been a big fan of young adult fiction for a few years.  I used to avoid it thinking that I was an adult and should not be reading kids books.  However, I had a friend who suggested Melissa Marr.  I read all of her books and loved them.  Think Twilightish, but better written and about the dark underworld of fairies.  I totally got lost in them.

I loved the Hunger Games and have been on a kick to read young adult books before seeing the movies.  The books are just sooo much better than the movies.  I am trying to read Maze Runner, but so far it is just not doing it for me.  It’s pretty boring  and hard to get into.  I read City of Bones and am now on to the second book.  It’s a pretty good series. The writing is a bit simplistic and the storyline has some weaknesses, but it is an interesting and imaginative read.

I have the movie of Beautiful Creatures sitting on my table, but I want to get through the book, which is also sitting on the table first.  I also have Divergent on the back burner.  I know the movie is coming out and people rave about it, but I just found it hard to connect to.  The concept was a bit difficult to pull off and I find the fight scene hard to picture – unlike the awesome scenes in the Hunger Games.  I am about half way through, but it has been sitting and collecting dust for a couple months.  Maybe I’ll finish it before the movie.

And the piece of resistance!  I know that you are jealous!  I am reading Statistics for People Who Think They Hate Statistics.  Yeah!  It’s for the class in quantitative data I am taking right now - fun read!!!  Hahaha!


Link up share what you’re reading right now!


  1. Thank you for linking up with me and sharing your summer reading list!

  2. I haven't read The Maze Runner, but the other books (minus Statistics for People who think They Hate Statistics) are so good! My students really seem to like them too.

  3. I have heard so much about Diverent. I'm even more curious to check it out now that I've read through your reviews. Thanks for linking up! A new links for Read It Wednesday is set to publish this week. I hope you can link up again!