Saturday, August 17, 2013

Back to School Shopping!

No, I'm not talking the TPT sale, but I was there too!  I am notoriously bad at packing lunch for work. I've tried. I just end up tossing a bunch of stuff in a plastic bag, if anything, and call it a day. To be truthful, most days, I make it through the day on two cups of coffee and maybe a handful of something. Not good! In the spirit of trying to change old ways, this are my recent purchases:

I have never had a lunch bag! Isn't this a cute one? It was super cheap at TJ Maxx. I guess I'm into bright colors  this year!  I found the water bottle and containers at an area grocery store. The containers are Ziploc and were on sale.  Love that they are glass.  I have growing concerns about using plastics to store any foods. Likewise, the water bottle is glass. I found one I loved at Starbucks a few months ago, but lost the rubber gasket in the top and it leaks terribly. Alas, I never found another one at Starbucks. I did buy a ceramic travel mug there and just forgot add it to the picture.

Hopefully the bright cuteness will convince me to back a good lunch this year.

I was also inspired to try making my own flavored waters by The Yummy Life.  I really dislike bottled water and the idea of putting powders in my water, while tasting yummy, are not something I want to do either. So, I love the idea of using fruit and herbs to flavor water. I tried strawberry and mint yesterday. This could be a really good thing!

Don't they look lovely?!? Next DIY: flavored creamers!

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