Friday, August 16, 2013

My Classroom - It's Current State!

Ugh! I so wanted to join in Teacher Week 2013 at I'm Blog Hoppin, but this is what my room looks like:

This is the back of my room with the fire door to the right. If you pan left, this is the next corner:

The bathroom and sink area. Still panning left, this is the entry:

The black plastic is covering the coat cubby where TONS of books are currently sitting.
This is the front area in my room. I'm thinking of putting my guided reading table in that corner where the filing cabinets are. The window is to the left. It is the same layout as my previous room, just flipped. I think I will set it up in a similar fashion.
My carpets have not been done so it would be a waste of time to set anyone up. I have visions what what ths room will look like, but my summer brain refuses to work on it! Hopefully I'll have an update next week.
Hope everyone is have an amazing weekend!

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