Monday, January 6, 2014

Your New Year Linky - Family and Fun!


I know it has been for-ev-er since I have written on this little ole blog! I figured the New Year and a linky are a good way to get back in o the swing of things!

I'm linking up with Blog Hoppin' to share my resolutions for the new year. 

My goals for fun and family are to have more fun and more family time!  2013 was a really draining year for me and I am determined to have more fun in my life and spend more time with my loved ones. 

My brother and SIL welcomed their second child the day after Christmas and my mom retired from public service as of January 1st. My dear hubby is having multiple shoulder/arm surgeries some time in the next couple weeks.  After 11 years of marriage, we need to spend some more quality time together! And I just love talking with my dad. Lots of reasons to spend more time with my favorite people!

In terms of fun…I really love my hobbies, but they are pretty solitary ones.  I would like to spend more time with friends and find ways to not be so exhausted between work and taking one class per semester.  It just wears me out and I can’t figure out how to fit other things in, but I sorely need to!
Maybe I need to finally take that art class I have been looking at for a couple years! 

I guess my fun and family goals are pretty simple – have more fun and find my time for my loved ones!

What are your goals for the New Year? Head on over to Blog Hoppin' to share!


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