Monday, February 24, 2014

Professional Passion–Personal Book Study

Saturday I proposed a version of a book club that allows you to tackle that “To Be Read” pile to list of professional books. The challenge is to read 10 professional books over the next 10 months – any book you want. (I am hoping to get a button put together if I can find time to play with graphics!)

Think about these resources for books:

  • Dig out the books in your collection that you *had* to have.
  • Check out your school professional resources and see what is available.
  • Check out your public library – you would be surprised.
  • Borrow a book from a colleague.
  • Check out to see what books are available for a free preview.  The system is a bit annoying, but it is a free read!
  • Make selective purchases from different book sources. (The goal is not necessarily to buy new books – just to catch up on what you have.)

Here’s my list:
  1. Pathways to the Common Core by Lucy Calkins, Mary Ehrenworth, and Christopher Lehman (Own)
  2. Genre Connections by Tanny McGregor (Own)
  3. Igniting A Passion for Reading by Steven L. Layne (Own)
  4. Comprehension Connections by Tanny McGregor (Own)
  5. Mentor Texts by Lynn Dorfmann and Rose Cappelli (Own)
  6. Nonfiction Mentor Texts by Lynn Dorfmann and Rose Cappelli (Own)
  7. The Daily 5, 2nd Edition by Gail Boushey and Joan Moser (Preview on Stenhouse site)
  8. Reading with Meaning, 2nd Edition by Debbie Miller (Want to buy! Plan to borrow from a colleague.)
  9. Teaching with Intention by Debbie Miller (School library)
  10. Reading in the Wild by Donalyn Miller an Susan Kelley (Public library)
  11. Smarter Charts k-2: Optimizing an Instructional Staple to Create Independent Readers and Writers (Want to buy!)
  12. The Next Steps in Guided Reading by Jan Richardson (Own)
  13. Teach Like a Pirate by Dave Burgess (Own – but never finished)
  14. No More “I’m Done” by Jennifer Jacobson  (Want to buy!)
  15. Let’s Find Out by Susan Kempton (Want to buy!)
  16. Readers Front and Center by Dorthy Barnhouse (Want to buy!)
  17. Growing Readers by Cathy Collins (Want to buy!)
  18. What You Know by Heart: How to Develop Curriculum for Your Writing Workshop by Katie Wood Ray  (Want to buy!)
  19. The Power of Picture Books in Teaching Math and Science by Lynn Columba (Want to buy!)
  20. Building Mathematical Comprehension by Laney Sammons (Own)
I know – way more than 10…but it’s how it is!   I am torn between reading the new Daily 5 book, the new edition of Reading with Meaning and Pathways to the Common CORE (I have to admit I read part of it for a book club, but ran out of steam.) Oh, but I did check out the new Donalyn Miller book through my library – maybe I should read that one now!

What professional books do you want to read?

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  1. I love this idea and will post my books soon...lots of your reads will be on my list!

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