Saturday, February 22, 2014

Project Professional Passion–Challenge 1

I am coming to the conclusion of my winter break here in New York and preparing for the long haul through March.  It has to be the longest month of the year for a teacher in my area because we do not have a single day off!

Any woo – based on my last post and feeling a bit rejuvenated from my week off, I have resolved to find my passion for my profession again!  My first step, that I thought about as I cleaned out my home office, was thinking how much I love to read professional books…and collect professional books!  Does anyone else have a huge ole pile of teacher books sitting around that they have yet to crack open?

I am proposing a sort of online book club where we can rejuvenate ourselves by reading the latest and greatest in professional literature.  It is not around a specific book, just the books that you have on your “to-read” list. So, this weekend, dig out any teaching books that you have around the house or stashed in you classroom.  Browse the free “preview” offerings from Stenhouse and Heinemann. Check out what your library might offer (mine has the sequel to the Book Whisperer on e-loan!!!!) If your feeling like money is burning a hole in your pocket, check out Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

I’m challenging you to make a list of 10 professional books you want to read in 2014 and we’ll tackle one each month! I will work on posting my list on Monday and have a goal to get started in March.

Please join me on this endeavor to be more passionate and knowledgeable in our jobs!

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