Saturday, June 23, 2012


Ahh !  Finally!  I am almost done with my school obligations!!!  My last day with kids was Wednesday and we had teacher days Thursday and Friday.  I was wiped out!  The last day with the kids was rough – right up to the last minute.   I will be going in again on Monday, at least.  I have to finish the folders that get passed on. I thought I was so organized and everything hit the fan at the last minute. I have most of my things packed and ready to be shipped to the other building. 

I attend the graduation of my first real class today!  I was a long term sub in a team teaching class for half a year and then finished out the year in kindergarten.  So, when I say my first “real” class, I mean the first that was all mine and I had them for 2 years.  They were my babies.  Now they are all grown up!

This weekend, this is how I’m feeling:


Just trying to relax and convince myself to work on my files that I dragged home!

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