Saturday, August 4, 2012

Friday Find and Currently–Late…

Well, I finished with my workshop on Wednesday and attended the conference as a participant on Thursday. Lots of fun things to share, but I am currently getting ready for another workshop that may or may not have enough participants to run on Tuesday. So frustrating! I won’t know if I have enough participants until Monday – lots of time to prepare for something that may occur or lots of wasted time preparing for something that won’t!

Any way, I have some really great resources to share from the conference but just need a few days to recoup a bit. I did want to share a Friday Find that I didn’t even know I found – ha ha!  Have you seen these?!?  I bought a USB Flash Drive the other day at Big LOTS (on my quest for ottomans), goodness knows I have like 8 of them!  I didn’t really pay attention to the fact that it said 5 in 1.  Well, that is the genius behind this baby!  It is also a card reader!  I can pop my cards from both of my cameras (which have different sized cards) into the side and upload my pictures to my computer through the flash drive!  I am forever losing the cords to my cameras and have one that has a really tiny disk that doesn’t seems to work in anything else.  This reads both!  Genius!  The only thing that isn’t great – well two things – is that there is no way to attach it to a lanyard or clip and the cap is not attached.  Any who – LOVE IT!

And, of course, Farley’s “Currently”!


Have a great Sunday!

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