Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I’m Back…I Think!–Teacher Week Day 1


I know it has been a while!  I have been taking a bit of a hiatus from blogging and blog reading in general.  I was spending my entire summer on the computer and really overwhelmed and tired when I wasn’t on the computer.  So, I stepped away for a while.

This week I have been (begrudgingly) working in my classroom.  I really wanted to spend my last week of summer in complete freedom, but I have spent HOURS trying to accomplish a few things and left frustrated and annoyed – do you ever have those days?

Not sure what I’m thinking about my new color scheme.  I’m just not loving the turquoise as much as I loved the red and royal blue.  We’ll see. I have been working on dragging things out of storage and collecting all of the school stuff strewn through out the house – please tell me you can relate!  My husband will be so happy to have space again and the house is looking a little empty!

I am late jumping on board with Teacher Week 2012.


1. My Kidney Table – I am a guided reading person!  /I have greatly modified how I do it over the years, but I love teaching small reading groups at the kidney table.  In first grade, it was called the Jellybean Table, I guess I will go back to the real name in third!

2. Containers! – I have so many containers that it is insane!  I took a picture of my car loaded down with them, but my camera is lost somewhere in my classroom. Love containers!imgres

3. My Promethean Board – Whoo hoo!  I have a new version this year!I have a love/hate relationship with this piece of technology, but in the end, it is pretty much how we roll at my school.

4. Pandora Radio – I haven’t used this in the past in my classroom, but can see such potential to use it during the school year!

5. The Keurig – Ahh!  My salvation! K-Cups and my Keurig make my day!


6. Markers! – Oh, how I love these markers!  They are for my use only and I get slightly annoyed when I lose one of the set.


7. Chart Paper – Oh how I love chart paper.  I use the half size chart paper – I am little and it is just easier for me to physically deal with.


8. Blogs – Now that I am in third grade, I have come to rely on third grade teachers in the blog world to get a sense of what third graders are like 8 years later.  I have a general sense, but man have things changed!  The technology has exploded!  All of the resources that I desperately searched for are so much easier to find.

9. Salad Container – I am really going to try and be good about taking and eating my lunch this year.  I am usually a coffee in the morning and stuff myself when I get home from work person. I bought and “Fit and Healthy Salad Container” at TJ Maxx.  It has a little  dressing container in the top that dumps the dressing in when you turn the knob. Here’s hoping I will be able to develop a new habit.

10. My Car! – Okay, this is silly, but I got a new car late last fall and it has a moon roof.  I splurged on it and it makes my day!  I love having the roof window uncovered to get the sun or open when it is nice.  It also has auto start, which will be tricky in my new building, but such an awesome feature in NY during the winter!

11. The Public Library – I am going to try really hard this year to make use of my local public library.  The have a co-op of libraries in 4 counties and I can order and have books shipped to my library that I pass on the way home.  My goal is to save money and not add to my already overwhelming collection of books!

Okay, I think that is it for now!

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