Friday, December 14, 2012

12 in ‘12 Linky Party


I’m linking up with Miss Kindergarten to join in the12 in 12 button[1]

12 favorite things!

12. Favorite movie you watched: The Hunger Games!!! Loved the books!


11. Favorite TV series: The Big Bang Theory

10. Favorite restaurant:Unfortunately, I haven’t been eating out, but I love little home-style diners

9. Favorite new thing you tried: College – well at the doc level!

8. Favorite gift you got: I honestly can’t remember.  My birthday is in February, so it has been a long year!  I did have a little guy in my class bring in a little gift certificate for Starbucks after parent-teacher conferences were done.  It was such a nice surprise and made me feel like someone appreciated all the time and effort I put into my teaching!


7. Favorite thing you pinned: One thing?!? Umm – I pin so many that I can’t even begin to choose, but I guess I loved all the images I pinned that inspired my room décor.  I used the Dots on Turquoise and my room makes me smile every time I walk in.

6. Favorite blog post: I haven’t been blogging too much this year, but I guess it would have to be my post about my teacher story.  It’s a five parter! I know the linky party did not ask for us to tell our story up to this point, but I felt compelled to put my experience into words. I received many positive emails about how the posts gave teachers hope and helped them to realize they were not alone in this tough profession.

5. Best accomplishment: I finished my first doctorate course!!! I hear it is the weed-out course and if you can make it through it, the rest are no where near as crazy hard.

4. Favorite picture: The picture my brother sent me when my niece was just born.  She is such a sweetie!

3. Favorite memory: It’s a tie – my niece being born and holding her for the first time and my in-laws 50th anniversary party that I organized.  Oh, I also had the great opportunity to host a few of my high school friends and their families for a small reunion.  It was so nice to get everyone together after all these years!

2. Goal for 2013: To continue to find balance in my life. (And to start blogging more!)


1. One Little Word: Family

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