Monday, December 17, 2012

Computers and Clothes!

My computer is having issues! It starts, but says it has to run setup and it will take time. It never stops though. The good thing (I hope) is that it tells me my files will not be changed. I need to take it to my computer guys - or buy my 5th laptop in 10 years...Until then, I am going to try and post from my iPad. That should be interesting!

I finished my last paper for my first doc course, so I am officially done! And strangely bored. Yeah, I could be cleaning or baking or working on plans, but alas, I am cleaning my closet! Crazy, right?

I LOVE clothes and have waaaay too many. I counted sixty, yes sixty skirts. Who in their right mind has sixty skirts? Seriously! To prove my obsession, I have an eight foot closet and the rod has broken twice! I'm trying to weed out. I am vowing to weed out. I'm thinking I may put some things on ebay or take them to consignment shops to make a bit of change for college. My darling hubby has also agreed to work on laying down a new floor and redoing the closet over the break! So, I will be working on putting together a budget friendly closet makeover.

I know there are many teacher fashionistas out there. Anyone interested in doing a linkup once a week, posting our favorite teacher outfit after the holidays? It would be fun to get some ideas!

Have a wonderful Monday and remember that the children we teach are the most important part of what we do!

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