Tuesday, December 18, 2012

December Craftiness!


We have been hard at work on a few special crafts for my students to take home on Friday.  It is always such a challenge to find easy, quick, and cheap crafts that still turn out really nice. I had resolved to not spend my own money on my classroom for this year and, for the most part, I have done well with that.  I have bought a few things here or there, but have thought carefully about re-purposing and creating things on my own. Here are my two projects:

1. Puzzle Snowflake

I had a few puzzle left over from when I taught first grade.  I used 100 piece puzzles for the 100th Day celebrations.  I think I will ask parents for puzzles they no longer want next year.  Although most puzzle crafts look like...well...puzzles, this one looks really cute and we'll add some glitter. Click for the link.

2. Snowman Plates

These are SOOOO cute and the always turn out adorable!  I did spend $1 a piece at the Dollar Tree, but in the long run, I know I would have spent a lot more if I bought supplies for another project.  Oh, I bought the clear spray too.  The picture below is from the First Grade Parade - the project was totally inspired by Cara's post - click on the photo to check it out!


I worked really hard to plan projects ahead this year and order as much as I could with my budget.  I always end up deciding on and buying materials for my projects the week before.  In the past, so teacher I have worked with have either requested materials from the families who were willing to donate them or wrote a letter at Christmas time about giving gift certificates for the classroom in lieu of a teacher gift. I also noticed that gift cards can be ordered for Target through Scholastic with bonus points.  Just some thoughts on ways to save our own personal money.

I hope that everyone is having a fun and crafty week! 


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