Monday, March 4, 2013

March Currently

I'm linking up with  Farley's March Currently!


Listening: We are currently in a report card period.  It is hours and hours of additional time!  Has anyone else’s school gone to online progress reports?  I get the idea that everything is linked with student information and data, but web-based programs are awful!  Each report card is loaded 7+ time because it needs to upload every time a narrative comment is written. Can I say how much I miss my 1 page front and back, hand-written report cards???  My method of coping – 80s movies and junk food!

Loving – Oh how I love the fact we are finally remodeling our bedroom! We have done so much work in our house, but nothing in the bedrooms.  I am finally customizing my closet to maximize my space!

Thinking – Me, the crazy chick, scheduled my observation this week…on top of progress reports.  If you are living the dream of teaching in NYS right now, you know how important this is!  I have to give myself some credit in that I thought progress reports were next week when I scheduled it.

Wanting – Spring!  Not that I mind winter, but we have been swinging between beautiful days and overwhelming winteriness.  It seems like we have to acclimate to snow every few days.  It just needs to be over at this point.

Needing – Proofreading! Ugh! I hate proof reading.  I just want to get then out of my hands because I will wordsmith up to the very last minute.

Like – I am really liking the Old Navy spring line!  I am not normally a fan of Old Navy, but they have really cute summer things!

Loving – Of course, I always love books.

Have – Okay – not all reality shows, but the ones my husband watches.  He watches all those gold, logging, and swap shows. Oh and then there’s the pawn store shows, storage locker shows, and picking shows.  So down with it!

Here are some new items I added to the shop.  The poetry center and the classroom magazine centers have been great hits with my class!  The sight word activities are pretty versions of great things I used when I taught younger students.  The Mystery Egg is just plain fun!  It helps foster speaking skills and inferencing.  Check them out by clicking on the image if you are interested :Smile 

Task Cards for Poetry CentersInstant Magazine CenterPolka Dot Dolch Word Wall KitimageMystery Egg Activity

Well, that’s it for now.  I’m hoping to pop in with another post sometime this week.  Have a great one!


  1. I was so sad at first by your "hate" item...and then when I saw which shows you were talking about, I was like, "YES!" - I hate those, too! Storage of the worst! Hate it!.....Hopefully Bachelor is not on that list of yours because...I am currently watching that...hahaha!

    Little Lovely Leaders

  2. I would love to remodel anything in my house right about now, lol! Hope it turns out great!
    Teachin' First

  3. I HATE those same shows...why do men like them so much?! I'd rather clean the garage than watch one of those shows! It seems that March is a crazy month everywhere. I hope your observation went well!! I am your newest follower...I LOVE finding third grade bloggers!!

    Kathy O.
    Third Grade Doodles