Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Snow Day TPT Flash Sale!

Oh.My.Word!  We are having a snow day here in my neck of the woods (the snow calculator says we may even have a snow day tomorrow!!!)  It could not have come at a better time!  March is a bear because we do not have any vacation days this month.  It is rough to go from February to April!

In honor of this glorious snow day, I have put on a 20% Flash Sale at the Leaping into Teaching TPT Store until midnight tonight!  I also have 2 new products going up and they will be 50% off (I will mark them down 30% and then the 20% sale will be added.

Here’s what I added:

The first little goody is a revamped version of my Roll and Respond Reading ActivitiesSticky Note Reading Responses utilizes the same fiction and nonfiction prompts as the Roll and Respond boards in a great new format.  Students LOVE using sticky notes and this provides a great way for students to respond to their reading with prompts that compliment your instruction.  Student choice is also incorporated with the use of the board.  They are great for independent reading, homework, shared reading or listening response, or guided reading groups.



The second is a companion product for any unit on Terrific Tall Tales, including the second grade Common CORE module on fairytales and tall tales.

It includes text feature posters, graphic organizers that focus on characterization and structure, writing activities that focus on the three major writing genres, writing and book making paper, and finger puppets for retelling and readers’ theater activities.  My students LOVED these activities!


Tall Tales

Stop by the Leaping into Teaching TPT Store and check out these items:

Daily Reading Log Addition Facts Sticker BookWriting Topic Cards

Roll-and-Respond Reading Response Activity Instant Writing Centers - Fun Thematic Writing

Summer Journal Jarimageimage

Poetry Task CardsSummary Cardsimage

Instant Magazine CenterSequence CardsMystery Egg image

image imageimageimage

image imageimage

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