Thursday, March 6, 2014

Twenty-Something Teacher Guest Post

Hey Y’all! My name is Chelsea and I blog over at The Twenty-Something Teacher. Today Christine and I are trading blogs and I am so excited to be able to share with you all! 

Twenty-Something Teacher

Here are a few facts about me to introduce myself:
1. I am a Texas girl born and raised but I live in Oklahoma now.
2. I am married to the most wonderful man in the world and we have a fur-child, our dog Murphy.
3. I have a phobia of chewing gum. I had a nightmare my freshman year of college that involved gum getting stuck in my teeth to where I couldn’t get it out and I haven’t been able to chew it since.
4. I am addicted to Instagram and I’ll admit it. I spend way too much time taking and editing photos to post. {You can follow me here if you’d like!} :)
5. I teach 6th grade Social Studies and it is my first year of teaching.
6. I blog about all things school, fashion, food, craft, design, etc.
7. I want to travel the world but i’m terrified of flying. I am the worst flyer ever.
8. My biggest pet peeve is when people text during a meal, it drives me nuts!
9. I am a serious Target addict.
10. I drink more coffee than a human being should. 

For my post here today I decided to share some of my go-to Teaching Essentials with you all. I posted this last month on my blog and I got such a huge response from it that I wanted to share with y'all!
My must haves include:
 -A notebook and my favorite Flair pens for jotting down ideas
-Kashi Pumpkin Spice Flax granola bars (which my teammate at Desk Diaries introduced me to) to stay full longer
-Hand sanitizer and Emergen-C to fight off the little germies
-A planner to keep everything scheduled
-My iPads for looking up lesson ideas *cough* shopping *cough*
-Pretty Expo markers for writing on the board
-Baby Lips Chapstick for keeping chapped lips at bay, especially in the winter
-Post-It Notes for jotting down quick ideas (I am a Post-It Note ADDICT!)
-Jumbo paper clips and cute binder clips to keep papers organized
-Water bottles to stay hydrated
-Hair ties and bobby pins
-A back up pair of comfy slippers in case those totally adorable shoes you got from the Target clearance rack don't turn out to be such a great deal for your feet (been there, done that)
-A spare flash drive for transferring documents back and forth from school to home
-A back up phone charger! We have no cell service in our building so using my phone drains the battery so quickly!

What are your go-to teaching essentials?
I want to thank Christine again for letting me blog-swap with her! You should go check out her post on my blog as well. I would love to get to know all of you so you can follow my blog here, or find me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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