Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tip Tuesday - Photo Holder/Sign Holder

I went to a staff development a few years ago and a wonderful special education teacher showed us how she used acrylic photo frames - you know the ones that stand up on their own - to display and breakdown instructions for students. It was AMAZING! You can print off your center directions and then write on the front with a dry erase marker if you need to. They can be used to individualize or differentiate when needed. I loved the idea, but it drove me nuts cutting papers to fit every time I wanted to put a new one in the frame.

So, today I was at Staples and found these wonderful "Sign Holders". They are the same thing, only made to hold a regular sheet of paper. Print out your directions and slap them in! They had both vertical and horizontal. I debated for quite a while and then decided to get the 4 pack that contained the vertical ones. The individual ones were on sale for $6 and the 4 pack was at regular price, just under $24. Can't wait to use them during centers!

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