Monday, May 9, 2011

Management Monday - Business Board

When I was student teaching, one of my cooperating teachers had a business board where all of the information for the day was contained. It gives a central location to contain a calendar, the date, lunch menu, class jobs, and so on. I tried to do without it for a few years and always found myself recreating it keep my sanity.

I printed out a small banner to put at the top, proclaiming it as the "Business Board". This is really helpful for substitutes too - one place for everything. Here is what is on my board:

1. White board where I write the code date for students to add to their papers and journal
2. Calendar
3. Basket held on the board with push pins to hold writing implements
4. VIP ring - I only have one person who is the daily helper for everything. If he/she needs a helper, he/she picks one. I could never keep up with changing and tracking all of the weekly jobs!
5. Schedule with the days special classes, support staff schedule, classroom teaming, and any other things I need to remember on our ABCDE day schedule
6. Behavior strategies sheet - for those impromptu mini-lessons
7. Lunch menu

For now, this is what I have up and it has worked SO well! I couldn't survive the day without my Business Board!

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