Thursday, May 12, 2011

Thrifty Thursday - Goodwill Trip!!!

I LOVE a Goodwill trip!!! I now have 2 - count them 2 - within close distance! I went last weekend and found way too many goodies. The one I went to is in a college town and there is a huge school of education, so not only can I find cute clothes, but sometimes there are great teaching items. I found it to be a great source for picture books. I am really, really trying to limit my book purchases because I have so many books that I don't even remember what I have now.

I also found 4 great teaching resources. I figure if I can't use them, either another teacher can or I can add them to some of my personal resources that I would like to sell on Ebay this summer. I have a bunch of things I bought when I taught kindergarten years ago and I have just been storing and moving them for years. they need to go!

I also found hanging file folders and cardstock - both of which I needed and had forgotten to pick up when I went shopping. They were supper cheap! I picked up a Safari Animal stamp set for 99 cents and a Leap Frog game/book for $1.99.

Not only were these things cheap, but I as reused some items that could have ended up in a landfill. Check out your local thrift stores for some goodies!

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