Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Reader Reponse Post-Its

I was checking through my favorite blogs and found this post from the Ladybug's Teacher Files about using sticky notes for reader response. It made me think of a few things that I sometimes do for reader response - and should remember to do more often.

1. I ordered sticky notes when they were free from Vista Print. If you haven't used this service yet, it is amazing! Several teachers on the web have great examples of things you can have made. I have sticky notes made with "Reader Response" printed on them. This way the kids remember it is homework. I would also like to have some made with specific skills. I would also like to try using the self-inking stamps to stamp the response job on the sticky note. Again, these things can be free depending on the current deal and all you have to pay is shipping.

2. There is a sticky note glue made by Elmers. I found some at an art supply store, but recently also found it at Michaels in the glue section. You can turn any paper into a sticky note. So, you could print out the response job, roll some glue on, and stick it to the book. It isn't too sticky, but it does the job.
3. I also recently borrowed an idea from a friend that I used to teach with. We have both since moved on to different school , but she is so brilliant that I sometimes e-mail her to get ideas. She copies response jobs from graphic organizer books and reader response books. She then binds them with a comb and a cute cover. These response books then go back and forth with reading homework. That way, you can assign a response page and they are already copied for the kids - just mark the relevant one.

I love these ideas - I just need to remember to use them more consistently!

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