Sunday, May 15, 2011

So Much on My Brain!

We are in the home stretch - 6ish more weeks of school, less that 30 days left! Things have been super crazy. We have a musical coming up with 4 of our 1st grade classes. It has a really cute country theme. Fortunately, we have a basement full of past musical costumes in my building, so we were able to pull together almost everything. I had a few things I needed to spruce up or make. Every year I try not to get stressed out over the grade level musical. It is so much work and takes so much class time - especially when it is crunch time! The cuteness factor always outweighs all of the work. It will be a load off my shoulders when it is done.

In math, I need to wrap up my money unit and begin on estimation before our big end of the year assessment. I have left spelling in the dust for a little while because of the musical and the shear amount of time that it takes to keep up with individualized lists. Hopefully I can plan to turn this over to a parent next year. I did assess all of our spelling words to see where my kids are. I had moved on to the second grade list, but am concerned about the retention of the first grade words, so I think we will round out the year practicing our grade level words.

I feel so on top of copies right now! I made a list of things I can copy to get ready for next year and have been copying on thing a night. I have all of my hand writing packets and end of the year assessments copied. I plan to work on desk and cubby tags, portfolio documents, and language arts information letters. I am concerned there may be a paper shortage next year and when your building does not use workbooks, the copy load is huge.

I had a lovely Teacher's Appreciation Week - our school celebrated a week later than everyone else. One of my cuties brought a bag full of office supplies and other little goodies like chocolate and a candle. Another made a beautiful plate to hang on the wall. I LOVE my new Vera Bradley mug and sticky notepad. The mug has a lid - so perfect. I tend to make a cup of coffee first thing int he morning and sometimes it sits for a while - maybe it will be lukewarm when I get around to drinking it! I have wonted to buy one for a while, but it just wasn't a necessity. We also had a lovely lunch provided by our PTA.Oh, I almost forgot, our PTA had a raffle for 5 gift baskets. We put our tickets in for the basket we wanted. I won! I can't believe because I NEVER and I mean NEVER win anything! I won a doggy themed basket with treats for my puppy. The kids in my class were so thrilled because by dog is the feature of many WW stories!

BTW - if anyone out there is reading my posts, I would dearly love to post more pics., but the whole process on blogger drives me crazy! I have been trying to taking more pictures and hope to post more soon!

Well, off the see if I can put my house into some sort of order before going back to work tomorrow!

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