Saturday, January 7, 2012

Go-To Books Linky Party

Stephanie from Teaching in Room 6 is hosting a linky party on Go-To Books! Check it out and link up!


Wow! Is this tough for me!!! I am a book collector!  I pick up every teaching resource known to man.

Comprehension Connections is my latest purchase!


Daily 5 and Literacy CAFÉ love!

Go-To’s for basic reading instruction – I have read these 2 books so many times that I think I have them memorized!!!


When I was a reading specialist and literacy consultant, I loved these 2 books!  If you have a specific skill you are working on or an area of weakness, you can choose that skills/issue and the books give several research-based strategies.  Very RtI friendly – my copies are pretty worn!

The Reading Teacher's Survival Kit: Ready-to-Use Checklists, Activities and Materials to Help All Students Become Successful Readers

I used to teach in a school where 6 Traits was the way to go.  Still love the foundation ideas, just not thrilled with how commercial the concept has become.  If you are looking for some solid foundation ideas for teaching writing, these 2 books break down writing into more manageable pieces.


I am crazy about math this year!  I have been writing the new curriculum for our grade level based on the new CORE and have loved working with these 2 books.  I discovered both on blogs and they have given me a new understanding of math.  Especially can’t live without the second book.  I use it almost daily.


These are some go-to books for centers.  I have them all in a file box marked “centers” so I can grab them when I need them.



I can’t wait to see what other books people suggest!

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