Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Rules for Purging

Yikes!  I started my rules for purging last week and never posted it!  In my defense, I have been working on my application for post-grade school.  It has been so long since I have written a 5 page research paper with citations!  How did I do this in a couple nights in college? 

On a side note – I’m up to 98 followers! Wow!  I never thought when I started writing this a couple years ago people would actually want to check out my ideas.  It has been a great venue to learn new things, get ideas, and find resources I use (because I post things to the page, I can access them so much more quickly at school).


BLOG PROMPT for last Friday's Linky:

What is your plan for de-cluttering your classroom?

1. Book shelves

  • Weed book collection: home to storage, give away, closet storage, or bookshelf
  • Sort and label books with stickers
  • Label book boxes

2. Filing Cabinets

  • Clean out files
  • Sort drawers
  • Maximize use of space

3. Cupboards

  • Purge from cupboards
  • Create a system for organizing and labeling

4. Student materials

  • Purge games and centers
  • create system and label

5. Under Table Storage

  • Eliminate under table storage – sort, purge, and puut away materials

6. Organize my teacher area and resources

7. Computer Files

  • Purge file – eliminate old unit and themes
  • Create systems for new files and units
  • Create photo books with past years’ photos and erase from computer

8. Create system for student supplies

A little ambitious?  I am always moving things in my room around and always feel like there is an area to improve, so this project is not just about purging for me.  It also about making my room flow better than it is.

My thought would be to tackle one area at a time.  I can’t wait to see what challenges are coming to help wrap my brain around how this is going to be accomplished.  It is a year long project, so let’s just hope that I don’t have to move rooms!

Can’t wait to see other plans!

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