Sunday, January 29, 2012


I can’t believe I have 100 followers!!!  Actually, 102 as of today!  Thank you to everyone who is interested in what I babble about every once and a while.  100+ followers means a giveaway!  I have a few things and just need to get them all together for a picture.  Hopefully I will have that up some time this week.

Not much else to share right now.  I finished my application for college and did taxes this week.  My husband is a self-employed dairy farmer, so it means a whole new level of complicated for doing taxes – at least for me, who is not so great at balancing the checkbook!  So, that has been about my limit this week.  Hopefully it is back to regular life now and I can think about more teaching things.  Well, I can’t forget about the baby shower I am planning for my SIL!  (If I weren’t a teacher, I would seriously consider being a party planner – so I go all out!)

On a personal  note, I am obsessed with lip butters!  I just bought my 5th one today (when I went thrifting!) and love them.  I think I need all the colors!  Revlon makes these great lipsticks.  They are lipsticks, but they are really smooth and go on like a balm, except they have the color and shimmer or shine of a lipstick.


These pics below are from  I have Red velvet, sugar frosting, crème brulee, peach parfait, and raspberry pie.  Love them all, except raspberry pie.  I have really pale skin, so the bright pink is not really great on me.  The peach parfait is the my go-to color.  I would really like the fig jam and sugar plum.  Most stores only carry a few of the colors, so I will have to search for them. 

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Check them out if you get a chance and love make-up!

Have a great week!!!