Friday, April 6, 2012

Changes on the Horizon!

Well, it has been a very interesting week!  I officially registered for my first doctorate level course – yikes!  AND I put in an inquiry for a grade change.  Part of me feels really sad about leaving first grade because I have worked so hard to learn about first graders and teaching these little guys, that I don’t want to switch.  However, I think I need a bit of a change.

I started out teaching 3rd and 4th grade, so first was a culture shock.  I never thought I would be teaching the grade for as long as a I have.  This year has been a challenge over all – one of the most challenging for me professionally, and the thought of a new grade and new building is very energizing!  

I have often felt like I spent so much of my energy and thinking trying to fit in as a first grade teacher – a square peg in a round hole so to speak.  I feel like I am a very strong first grade teacher, but have yearned to return to a grade level I used to teach to see if it was a better choice for me.

I have also ended up in a spot where I represent on soooo many committees that they are overshadowing my teaching and what I love about my job.  There are some days when I have 2-3 meetings a day…and I still teach.  The emails, phone calls, appointments, and agendas have just gotten way too out of control.  On my college application I listed all of these positions.  During my interviews I was asked if I was on a track to administration – so not the case.  But that tells you a lot about the spot I am in.  I will not be writing CORE curriculum for ELA AND Math, or grade level co-chair (which also includes a k-5 curriculum position and a district-wide curriculum council position), on the literacy council, the data inquiry team, and so on.  Sadly, switching grades and buildings will take so much off my plate.  I am a hard worker, but at some point one has to be realistic and decide what is really important in life. Whew!  Big weight lifted just typing that!

I have several colleagues I will miss terribly and dread telling them, if when everything is finalized, I end up somewhere else. However, they are great friends, so I am sure that they will support my choice and know that I am doing what is best for me and will reduce my stress level.

I will also miss so much about the first grade blog world – you all have truly revolutionized the way I teach and made life a billion times easier. I need to start checking out 2nd, 3rd, or 4th grade bloggers too!  Not sure which grade I will be in.

I guess when I make changes, I REALLY make changes, huh? I read a quote:


It’s not that I don’t like where I am, but the sentiment struck me.  I can make changes and make the most out of my career and life.  Hopefully I am making the right choice for where I am in my life right now.

More to come as we round out the year and I figure out what I am doing!

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