Friday, August 5, 2011

Fun Finds

I went to the Dollar Tree yesterday. I went in looking for hot gluesticks for a craft project. I didn't find them, but goodness, did I find a bunch of other stuff! Check out my loot!

I found these great baskets for papers - they are the perfect size for hand-in baskets. I didn't really need them, but you know how you look for something when you want it and can never find it? Well, I look all over for baskets like this last year and never found them. So, I had to buy all 7 that were on the shelf!

I bought 6 packs of the foam frames - 8 in a pack for $1. You know that you can always use these. I bought a double set because my great teamie was looking for some for father's day and we spent much more than $1. So, I am prepared for both of us this year!

Oh, the magnets were something I was looking for. I found them all over a couple years ago and never picked them up. I saw on someone's blog that the teacher put numbers on them and used the magnets for attendance, lunch count, and graphing activities.

I have sort of decided to morph my frog theme into a camping theme. After 8 years of frogs, I needed something different but didn't want to let go of my froggies. Camping seemed like an interesting option. Unfortunately, it has not been as popular as in past years, so I haven't been able to find much for decorating. Low and behold, I found some cute stuff on my Dollar Tree venture. I found a boarder, a character education poster strip thing, and 9 cute little woodland character cutouts. No specific plans, just thought is was a cheap way to add to the theme. I also found little cutouts of cameras and signs - very camping oriented.

The puzzle pieces are for a project I do the first week where everyone designs a puzzle piece and we connect them all together. The heading reads "We Are a Great Fit." It is fun for team building and I do not have to cut them out! Great deal for $1.00!

Okay, these wands were too cute to pass up for pointers. I am not a pointer girl. They drive me nuts. I have bought cute pointers and given them away at least twice. But, I am going to make an effort, because it seems like every first grade teacher uses pointers! I bought stars, butterflies, ladybugs, and bees. Nice camping connection! I also decorated an old Pringles can to store them in. I show that tomorrow!

Then I went to Wal-Mart looking for coat hooks. Again, I was totally distracted by the back-to-school section. They had these locker crates! They are about half the depth of a regular crate, but still have the sides for hanging folders. They seem much more manageable for me to move around and less than $4 a piece! Can't wait to use these.

The coat cooks are for my cubbies. I have to have kids share 2 to a cubby. With winter coats and boots and lunch bags and backpacks, everything is always falling out and it drives me crazy! Our cubbies are just inside the entrance and it is always a mess. I thought about building extra cubbies, but I am just not that ambitious and the extra expense is not attractive. So, I bought extra hooks to mount half way down the side of each cubby. I am hoping that things will fit better if the coats are hung on top and the bags on the bottom, instead of being all jammed together.

Last trip of the day! I went to Goodwill. Actually, I went twice!!! I didn't really find much the first time, but I did spy two tall filing cabinets for 4.99. I have a short, deep cabinet in my classroom and it is just awkward. These cabinets are about half the depth and will give more storage, but actually take up less space. Does that make sense? They give some vertical storage. I am bummed because they will take up my only wall space, but I'll figure something out for my math manipulative shelf. So, the second trip was dragging the hubby back with his truck to load the cabinets. While I was waiting for the stock guys to bring the cart, I saw these foam sets. They are always great for a quick project and were only 2.99. They had winter animals, flower frames (for mother's day) and heart frames. Good deal at about half the price of craft stores!

I really must stop spending on my classroom if I ever want to get a flat screen for our living room! Yikes!

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