Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Professional Reads

I swear, Santa works at! I ordered a few new professional books and have quite a stack of professional reading that I have been dabbling at between chick lit. books.

Here's what I am working on this summer:

I tried to do the book study using the online version of this book, but it just got to be too much. I had a hard time seeing the big picture when I had to move the page around to read and there was just sooooo much great info. that I broke down and bought the book. Now I can sticky-note is up! Luckily, I had a bit left over on a gift certificate to offset the cost (I mean, really, why can't we all come up with something to publish and charge $30-$40 a book???)

Another blogger was working on this book and I thought it fit perfectly with the MWS book study. I have loved it! I slacked off a bit, but I think it is one of those books that I will need to read as I get things rolling.

I ordered this one with the Diller book. Again, I'm on a math kick. It looks like a great one and will be perfect for our first grade curriculum.

I need to get back to this one! I was reading to support my curriculum writing in the area of writing. I love the concepts, but have had trouble matching them up with the new Core Curriculum and the work we have been doing with it. It seems like the author has a curriculum that goes across several grade levels and the first grade one is just not matching up with ours now. I want to play with the idea a bit more.

I know I said that I would go back to this one and post on it. It has been great to reread this book - again. However, I am finding that I can't really write about it without being in my room and doing the teaching thing. I have a hard time thinking when I am not doing. My hope is that I will be able to write more about my process as things get going in a couple weeks.

I brought this one home from my classroom and have read bits of it. I have a hard time with scripted lessons (if I have to hold the book in my lap to teach, it's just not for me), but I am hoping the over all structure helps me to get a clear picture for a scope and sequence this year.

What are you reading this summer?


  1. Let's see....
    * The Book Whisperer
    * Made To Crave
    * Sarah's Key
    * The Help
    I was reading at least one at a time, and now I am finally wrapping them up.
    The next books on my list are:
    * Run For God
    * Baby Proof

    Happy Reading!

    Quench Your First

  2. Loved Sarah's Keys! I'd like to read The Help. Thanks for commenting!