Thursday, August 4, 2011

Great Little Tools

When I first started teaching, I thought it was neat that one of the male teachers in my building had a toolbox full of tools under his sink. I usually have a screwdriver somewhere in the room, but on a whim I bought this little set at Father's Day last June.
I was bummed out that I paid $5.00 for it and found it for less on their website. They must charge more in my area. But, hey, it was only 5 bucks!

Boy has this come in handy! I have used the little tape measure to plan furniture placement and take measurements for new shelving and curtains. The scraper is great for getting velcro off of "new to me" tables. The little screwdriver has helped me to take a few things apart in my room. Oh, and the little box cutter was great during the year when we were making presents and I needed to cut out the middle of cardboard to make frames.

No more hunting down the custodian during valuable planning time or hunting through tools in the closet for what I need!

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