Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Where it All Goes Down Wednesday

This week is Teacher Week 2011!!!


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Today is Where it All Goes Down Wednesday. I had really hoped to have pictures to show and have been working on my room all week – actually I have worked for 6 days.  (Teachers go back next week and the kids begin the following week.)  Sadly, I’m just not feeling like my room is ready.   I had hoped to be done by now! I actually spent one full day just moving large furniture around because it was all in a pile inside the door. I changed some things around and have been agonizing about the flow and where things are going to go.  In a word, I am stressed. 

I needed filing cabinets, but have very little full wall space, so adding 2 tall cabinets has been a process.  I also have a paraprofessional joining my class this year, and a student teacher in October.  I literally have no space for other people. To top it all off, I had these great visions for my bulletin boards, and after 3+ hours of work, they did not turn out as I had planned.  I don’t have space for book boxes and I have still not solved to problem of not having a cubby space for each kiddos things.

I am frustrated at having spent this much time and feeling like I am just hitting my head against the wall.  I had sincerely hoped that I would have it down this year and be done in a couple days.  Instead, I again feel like I am starting from scratch.

Sorry for the bummer of a post.  I hope that I can get something worthwhile done tomorrow.

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