Sunday, August 14, 2011

Linky Party: Top Three Things

Mrs. Morris at Simply 2nd Resources is having a “Top Three Things” Linky Party.



1. Math, math, math!!! – I was/am a curriculum writer for grade level in math.  It has been awesome because I am not a math person and it has forced me to learn and think more.  Combined with the Math Work Stations blog book study, I am pumped with tons of ideas and info to try out!

2. Writing Workshop – I want to get back to doing more of a writing workshop approach.  How to integrate this with our current writing program AND have time do everything in our day is the question. Writing was my professional goal last year and I want to keep moving forward and experimenting with WW and technology.

3. Organizing – Ahhh!  I want to be an organized teacher. My goal is to tame the paper monster, and it’s computer file monster cousin!

So what are your 3 BIG goals this year?  Join in the linky party!

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