Saturday, September 17, 2011


How can I be sick already?!?  I knew there was a stomach bug going around, but I thought I was pretty immune at this point.  No, I didn’t catch the stomach thing, but I do have a horrible sore throat and have been sneezing up a storm.  My throat actually hurt so badly that I woke up at my regular school time on Saturday Sad smile 

What drives me crazy is that I flew through the week and it wasn’t until Friday I started to feel sick. It is amazing how you can keep going until your body slows down a little and then you get hit. I’m sure all of us know how this works!

This week was bizarre!  My kiddos are sweet, but very quiet!  I finally found that science and social studies really spark their interest.  We had a 30 minute conversation about a painting of the signing of the Constitution!  They had questions galore about the time period, and I was in my element as a history lover.  The kids noticed how all of the people were wearing shades of blue and gray and red, so we talked about how stores were different and dyes were made from items in nature.  We talked about powdered wigs and horses versus cars. One of my little ones even talked about how everyone had to garden and hunt for food because they couldn’t go to the store. I think I found my hook this year!

Our wonderful librarian introduced the staff to Pete the Cat, by Eric Litwin.  Now I know many bloggers have featured Pete, but I have to admit that I just didn’t get it until our librarian sang the tune and hooked us up with the author’s website.   In the words of Babbling Abby: Oh.My.Word!  LOVE! 

I am trying like mad to cut down on my school spending, so I ordered one of the books from my public library earlier in the week and it is waiting for me to pick it up now.

  image  image

(You can download an MP3 to read the books to the students with the music, rather than trying to sing it yourself – what a saving grace!)

My plan is to use Rocking in My School Shoes as a mapping lesson.  In first grade we teaching map skills and use a school map to teach this skill.  I think Pete will be a great way to kick off this lesson and update it a bit.

As with many other schools/states, we are working on writing curriculum based on the new ELA and Math Common CORE.  I am not naturally a math person, but after writing curriculum, I am excited about expanding my own skills.  Our district just purchased GoMath.  We have never used textbooks – for anything, so to have something so comprehensive is beyond exciting.  I think a few of us even shed tears over this! 

Due to some ordering complications, we don’t have our materials yet and there is a gap between the text and our NYS CORE math.  The text does not necessarily work on counting, number formation, and number recognition for the sake of working on those skills.  However, they are specific state standards, so we decided to spend September teaching these skills.

Nothing is more boring than counting to 100 by 1s. So, I have used some wonderful ideas found in blogland!

1. Harry Kindergarten’s I Can Count to 100 video on YouTube. – My kids are not dancers yet, but some of them are getting in the groove! Harry also has skip counting, days of the week, months of the year and so much more! Now I just need to figure out how to connect to YouTube so that I only get the one video I am looking for.


2. Grade ONEderful share a game called Buzz that my class have loved! It is great for practicing counting skills!


I am also preparing a bunch of math centers for next week to practice counting and number formation.  I made a Roll, Say, Keep game using number cards for number recognition.  Click on the picture to get your own copy.


For number writing practice, I bought a collection of wipe-off books from the Dollar Tree and a center from Scholastic.

Hands-On Learning: Match, Trace and Write Numbers Mats (Scholast... Cover Art     Disney Cars Write-With-Me Numbers Book & CD     Counting 0-31 Wipe Off Book Christian books Image

Sherry Sloan from Kids Count and Jessica Meacham have great counting games and number writing printables  for centers!

Finally, I have printed and am working on laminating games from  Cara Carroll’s Teachers Pay Teachers shop (click the image for the link)zzzzplacevaluepacket[7]

If I can get this all set up, I might actually feel like we have started the year!

Have a great weekend!


  1. I started getting sick Wednesday! Sore throat, headache, and just blah. Now, my voice is starting to go!

    You asked where I got my stamina timer. I found it on the Smart Exchange website and just added some clip art and a title! Hope this helps!

    And hope you feel better!

  2. Great! thanks for sharing! I have a Promethean board, but I hope I can convert the timer to work. I hope that you feel better, too!