Friday, September 9, 2011

First Week

Whew!  What a first week!  I have a wonderful and sweet class.  But boy was it a whirlwind!!!  We have had major renovations taking place on our school grounds and the changes threw a new twist into recess and dismissal.  We moved and changed the playground and redesigned the bus loop, so our routines had to change too.  I always think it is amazing how teachers can think on their feet to avert management disaster!

Blog-land has saved my bacon this week!  I have been so inspired by beautiful classroom projects as I set up my classroom this year. 


We had an open house.  I have a scavenger hunt as well as a great parent questionnaire that I put at each student seat.  I also added the Back to School Confetti Poem (from Mrs. Lewis’ Lending Library), confetti, and pencil.  The confetti was a great find at the Dollar General. My town literally has a small grocery store, a CVS, and the Dollar General, so when I’m in a pinch it is slim pickings. 

I finally put up my letters to spell “read”.  They are right across from the door to my classroom and they look great when you walk in.


I also made 2 signs inspired by The Inspired Apple:


My painting ability is not nearly as great as Abby’s, so I printed a banner.  The only thing that drives me crazy is the hook in the wall that interrupts the red border.   I LOVE how this looks in my room!


I also made banners similar to Abby’s rule banners.  I actually painted these and did a decent job.  The kids loved decorating them, they look nice, and fill in a space that I struggled with last year.  I had hoped to hang them on either side of the banner above, but they were too long.  I still need to find something for the back wall.

Sadly, before I could even take pictures of my room that was at “good enough for open house” stage, the first week whirl-wind hit and it looks like a tornado landed.  I plan to go in this weekend and clean up to make it look pretty again.

I am loving the activities in Fun with Firsties, also from Abby at the Inspired Apple. We did the interviews with a new friend and the First Week of School Book.

Monsters also came to school! We used the activities from Growing Kinders Monster Fun! Teaching Manners and Expectations. Can I tell you that 2 teachers asked about it and went to download their own copies!  One said it was the only thing that seemed to resonate with her students.

We also read:

Next week we are reviewing and decorating buckets!

Thank you to all of the amazing people who share their brilliance! 

I have been working on my reading bags and plan to print and bind my journals this weekend. I am hoping to link some freebies now that I am working on things and hunting down my work from last year.

Happy weekend folks!!!!!

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  1. Congrats on finishing your first week! I finished mine too. Whew! I'm exhausted! I LOVE your "Be responsible" poster. We started Fun With Firsties, too! Jitter Juice on Monday ~ whoo hoo!
    Grade ONEderful