Sunday, July 8, 2012

Daily 5 Book Study- Chapter 4

I am behind on my Daily 5 posting.  I have read the chapter, but just can’t get the time to post.  I’m linky up with:

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Chapter 4 is about Read to Self.  This is where I really start teaching reading during the year.

3 Ways to Read. 

1. Read and talk about the pictures – I like to use wordless picture books or books with very few words.  David Weisner and David Shannon are great authors for this.  It is also a good time to introduce reading non-fiction by looking closely at the photos and text features.

2. Read the words

3. Retell a previously read book – I like to use simple fairytales for this lesson and then review it throughout the year.  I find it can be the most challenging way to read because many of the students really need direct instruction in doing retellings.

I love the use of the I-Chart to launch read to self.  Eventually, when I have taught all the areas of D5, I merge the I Charts into one big chart.  I also make copies of the chart for students to use as a bookmark when they are doing centers – it always helps to remind them they have the rules right there!P1010113 (3)

The correct/incorrect model is also very helpful.  I often demonstrate this again during the year at those times when things just aren’t going the way they should.

Building Stamina: I talk with my students about building stamina for reading like they build stamina for running in PE.  This analogy really seems to help them understand that reading is exercise.  I make a class graph on the Promethean Board and sometimes we practice more than once during the day.

Reading Spots: I place students in reading spots through the room and we talk about good places to read. The Best Place to Read is a great way to kick-start the discussion.


I cannot find a picture of my little reading rugs anywhere, but after we start centers, students choose a little rugs that I picked up from Target a few years ago and find a spot to read.  It really helps to anchor them and stay in one spot.

The other 2 books in the series are really helpful to establish reading routines, as well.


Click on the image below to check out a previous post about how I organize my library for students to choose books at their independent level.

I hope I covered some of the most important ideas in the chapter.  I’m sure there are tons of things I do or have tried that I left out, but I’ve reaching my time limit for blogging today Smile Can’t wait to link up for chapter 5!



  1. Thanks for sharing pictures! I wish I had some pictures to share with everyone. Next year note to self, take more pictures and save them!

  2. Cute books. I'll have to check on those titles. I teach 3rd grade too.

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  3. I love those books! I am a new follower.

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