Friday, July 20, 2012

Teacher Haul! and a Freebie

I check out a lot of makeup and beauty blogs and vlogs and they are always talking about “hauls”.  I had a major haul yesterday at Target!!!  If you read my blog, you know that I am moving to a new building this year.  I realized when I was in yesterday that I a, going to have to scrounge.  If you have every moved to a new school or a new building, you know how that goes.  You have the bare minimum and everyone has already raided your room.  It took me 5 years to hunt down matching chairs for my reading table and computers in my last classroom!  I realized that I only have enough chairs to match my desks and there seems to be a lack of furniture up for grabs in the building. 

It drives me crazy when kids have to move chairs to come to a reading group. It is disruptive and wastes too much time.  So, I need to come up with chairs.  I thought about the crates, and I have enough to make them, but they are soooo low to the ground.  It might be okay for the kids, but I don’t want to lower my table that low and end up sitting low myself.  I thought about the bucket seats, but I am just to lazy to work that hard.  Anyways, I found folding stools at Target.  So, off I went to target with a handy dandy gift card in hand.  The stools ended up being too high, so I have to wait for the college items to come in so I can see if there is another option.

At any rate, I ended up buying so much!  Now. typically, when I see these great items from Target in blog land, I race out to Target and never find them – either they are not stocked at that store or they are bought out.  I went with no expectations for these items.  Well…low and behold!!! They had EVERYTHING I had been wanting to pick up!

I scored 26 of these bins!  I have been obsessing over the ones from Really Good Stuff, but hesitating on buying them because of the expense.  They are not as expensive at Target and seeing them in person makes the purchase so much easier.   I love using these to organize my materials and student library, but had to leave them behind when I moved room.  Now I have my very own.  Oh, I also use them to organize my guided reading group materials.

I have also stalked these babies in catalogs for a couple years.  There are like 30 or 40 dollars for six!  But, I never had hope of finding them at Target (did I mention I have a 30 minutes drive to Target – close, but a pain!).  I FOUND them and bought a class set!  I don’t know how much I will use them,but think they will be awesome for teaching cursive. AND the go along with my goal for conserving this year!

I know, I know!  Who needs MORE of these great pocket charts?  Well…I guess I do, because I picked up four more blue (the main color I have used for years) and 4 purple.

I also snagged Dr. Seuss pencils, erasers and bookmarks.  The prices are always high around Read Across America Week.  I found a Student of the Week pocket chart, some flags and world monument flashcards (our social studies for the year) and a few other fun things.

Plus I found bendy straws in the summer clearance section for 90% off.  They are shaped like flamingos, flip-flops, and palm tree, but for 10 cents for 3, I figured I could live with that. I am planning to make those my birthday gifts.  You know you have seen these all over Pinterst:

I also bought 2 pairs of shoes, a belt, a pair of earring, 2 dresses, and oh, 4 or 5 shirts and sweaters.  So it really was a haul!  No more spending for the month!!!

I have a Freebie!!!  I always have the kids create a puzzle using puzzle pieces that share information about the kids.  Now that I seem to be using my own blogs as a way to quickly access my lessons and printables, I created a digital version.  Click to download!




  1. I never thought about using the bins for guided reading, I am going to have to get some of those. :)

  2. I am seriously SO jealous. I see all of the great finds people find at target..especially from the dollar section. Our target has NO dollar section :( It is so very depressing! Sound like you did good today! How much were these book bins?
    Teaching in Paradise

  3. For some reason my nearest target doesn't seem to carry a lot of the good stuff. But we also don't have many bloggers in the area to feed the need for teacher things. You should make a deal with someone to pick these things up for you! Ive thought about that when I hear about the good dpstuff! The bins were $2.50. Not too bad.

  4. I love your blog!! I am nominating you for the Liebster Blog Award! Come visit my site to collect your award!!