Sunday, July 1, 2012

Ugh! Moving!!!

An update on the move! So, I thought that moving my classroom would help me purge and get more organized…yeah…not so much. At this point, I have about 40 boxes packed and ready to be moved. So many more than I thought, but as I cleaned out those cupboards, there was just so much. Here are some things I have realized:

1. I have waaaay more stuff that I will ever need.

2. I need to be more thoughtful about making copies – so many class sets that I never ended up using, and buying materials.

3. I spend waaay too much of my own money on supplies and containers.

4. Most importantly – it takes way more than 4 days to undo 5 years of collecting and clutter.

I loved the clutter-busting and purging projects this past year, but I think they made me feel like it would be easy. That is really not the truth. I stressed myself out trying to get packed. I really want my summer to start, but this classroom is looming over my head! Even the day janitor told me to take a day off. I ended up boxing the odds and ends and stacks of paper to bring home. I have 5 tubs to sort, but I was so sick of going through papers, so they are just going to go into storage and I’ll work at it as I can.

I really hope I can get those 40 boxes moved to my new room so that I can see what’s left. I just tossed stuff in cupboards as I sorted, so I have a big mess to clean up for the next teacher.  I was asked to be on an interview team tomorrow, so I will be back at school to work on my classroom.  I am really hoping this will be the last day!


  1. Moving is tough...I have moved every year that I have been teaching (5 years) and there were times I was worried the show Hoarders was going to show up!! Once you get unpacked you will feel much better!! Try to make certain days pack/unpack days and then pick a few days just for you to relax!! It will all get done eventually!!


  2. Christine,
    I wish you luck in your move. I've only had to move once temporarily while my room was being renovated, and that was a total mess! I am a fellow 3rd grade teacher, and I have just joined your blog. I would love for you to visit my blog when you get a chance!
    Patti :)
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