Friday, July 6, 2012

We Love Our Class Pets Linky

Yesterday TBA celebrated International Blog-Hopping Day with the theme There's NO Place Like TBA!


I was MIA and missed it all!  I am bummed out, but I was having a fun time!  This year is my 15 year class reunion.  I am actually planning it, so it had been a crazy few weeks. One of my friends from high school, who was also in my wedding, was up/out from Iowa and would not be back for the reunion.  We decided to hold a mini-reunion with two other friends.  Between them, they have 10 kids and the ALL came to my house.  I do not have any kids, so it was pretty interesting to see what did and did not work in my house.  Apparently, the indoor/outdoor setup makes a fantastic racetrack!  Anyway, it was great to catch up and I was pretty wiped out after being a hostess for 3 friends and their children.  I decided I would like up as I could, so here is my first post!

Michelle at Making it as a Middle School Teacher hosted a linky on classroom pets.

I have always wanted to have a classroom pet, but I have a hard time keeping plants alive in my room! I briefly had an ant farm, and then realized they only live around two weeks – not so happy in first grade!

So, I thought I would share my stuffed classroom pet!  He is a stuffed frog named “Froggy.”  He is a random frog I found at a yard sale.  I do not have an actual picture of him, because he is currently packed. Here is a token picture of a stuffed frog (although, I think mine was more of a carnival prize type stuffed animal).

A teacher I worked with several years ago had a stuffed bear that she taught the beginning of the year routines with. It was a beard from Build-a-Bear and had a little backpack.  She taught the kids how to unpack, pack their backpacks, and other classroom routines using the bear.  I decided to do the same thing with my first graders.  Froggy had his own cubby and take home folder.  We even had planners for a while and I made one for him.  You get the picture!  He demonstrated all the beginning routines for the kids and they were obsessed!  They would even want to bring him out throughout the year and play school with him.  However, Froggy would only make an appearance when the kids were working quietly, a la Elf on a Shelf!

I don’t think Froggy will make an appearance in third grade, but he was great for my little ones!  Maybe it is time for a real pet – after all, the kids could be responsible for the care!

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