Monday, July 16, 2012


Oh, oh, oh!  I have a share first! Lookie at what I bought (totally unnecessary, of course, but so fun!)

It is a straw holder that works for pencils!  I saw a couple posts about this and decided to look for a holder.  I found this one on ebay for less that $20!  You turn the knob on the side and your pencils rolls out!  LOVE IT!!!

I guess I am starting to tackle some of the things I have been putting off for a few weeks!  My in-laws 50th anniversary party is done and I am working on school things.  My first order of business is to get my budget order put in.  I am stressed out over this!  I had the order down when I had taught first grade for a couple years, but here I sit debating over what to get for third grade.  I have a huge collection left over from my days teaching third and fourth years ago, but want to be sure that I have lots of current materials too.  My biggest debate is over color scheme – silly, I know.  I had a royal blue and red thing going on in my first grade room and I loved it.  Lots of my storage items and bulletin board items are red and blue.  So I was thinking the “Dots on Black” theme would work well.


However, I am kind of ready for a change with a new room and I have many containers that are lime and pink and turquoise (before I found the more primary colored ones).  They go with the dots on black BUT they also go with the dots on Turquoise. Plus, there is something about the turquoise that I keep coming back to. The royal blue might not be too bad with the turquoise scheme…




Ugh!  Whichever one I choose, I know that I want to build on the simple, streamlined look I have worked on the last couple years.  What do you think?  Is is time for a change?  Is anyone else debating over their color scheme or theme too?


  1. I have debated over both border styles! You are right, there is just something about the turquoise.

    I am changing to a theme this year...owls! I've always kind of done colors, but this summer I've seen so much cute owl "stuff" that I thought why not.

    Good luck with your color decision. I can't wait to see what you decide!

    First Grade Magic

  2. I love that straw pencil holder idea! The more I see it, the more I am thinking of doing it. I always do the same theme every year & build upon it, but there's so many cute ideas & themes out there that it's tempting to change. Good luck with your decision. I'm sure whatever you decide will look great! :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure